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 Residential & Commercial Services

Are you having a new home built and in search of an effective heating system?  Are you the owner of a home that contains the same old furnace that operates at a low level of efficiency? If this is you, contact Thermocare for all your heating and cooling needs. We operate all over Toronto and give exceptional service to our customers in need.  We also offer many rebate programs and the Thermocare protection and maintenance plan to provide better care towards our valued customers ! Buy with Confidence from Thermocare. Thermocare is a complete Heating and Cooling Contractor and not a marketing company. Your Furnace or AC will be installed and serviced by fully trained and experienced TSSA certified technicians.


The ‘No Surprise’ Price Guarantee from Thermocare

  • All jobs are carefully surveyed by our licenced technicians and not a sales person.
  • Thermocare will always honor the original quoted price for the installation.
  • We will never surprise you with last minute changes to the price of our installation.


An old inefficient Furnace will cost you in unexpected repair expenses.It is a wise decision to replace your old furnace to avoid unexpected expenses later. As a general rule of thumb, if your furnace is more than ten years old and costs more than $500 to fix, it should probably be replaced in place of repair.

It is a serious investment and can heavily influence the comfort level of the interior of a home or building.Replace your old furnace with a modern high efficiency unit.  Modern high-efficiency natural gas furnaces are up to 97% efficient. This means that it burns 97% of the fuel to produce heat. High efficiency furnaces also reduce gas utility bills. An older furnace operating at 60% efficiency means approximately 40 cents of every dollar is going up in smoke. An energy efficient furnace can save up to 30% on your gas bill. 

Don’t make these 3 Critical Furnace mistakes. Sooner or later,  your old inefficient Furnace is going to break down and require an expensive repair or replacement. While spending money on a furnace is never a pleasant thought, take the time to insure that you don’t make one of the 5 Critical Furnace Mistakes.

Furnace Critical Mistake no. 1  

My Furnace is covered for all failures In older model Furnaces the only critical component, the heat exchanger, may not be covered. Heat Exchanger failure is not only unsafe but will cost you upward of $1000. The replacement part may be obsolete and difficult to replace.

Furnace Critical Mistake no.2  

A Furnace is a Furnace   The vast majority of new furnaces are installed in new homes. As such, most furnaces are manufactured to a price point dictated by the home builders. The builders aren’t concerned with warranties, noise levels, and actual delivered efficiency. Make sure you get what you want when you look for a furnace.

Furnace Critical Mistake no.3  

I can have my Furnace installed by any Contractor Improperly installed, the best furnace in the world will not do a good job keeping a home comfortable and will not deliver its designed efficiency rating. Consumers Reports and others have said that the installing contractor is the most important choice a consumer can make.


8 Warning Signs to replace your Furnace before it costs money or becomes unsafe.

1. Furnace is 15-20 years old

2. Gas and Electric Bills Going Up

3, Repairs in the last 2 years

4. Thermostat does not keep you comfortable

5. Burner flame is yellow instead of blue

6. Furnace is making strange noises

7. How you and your family feel around the house 

8. House is dry or dusty 


Just call for a free installation quote at 416-825-9373 | 416-640-1174


Repair & Maintenance

Sudden furnace issues can be very stressful especially during our winter months here in Toronto. ThermoCare is here to bring a peace of mind to all our customers and help with all your furnace needs. We are an experienced HVAC company serving both residential and commercial clients. Our team of technicians has a lot of product knowledge and plenty of experience in the field to resolve any of your furnace problems.

Experiencing problems with your furnace? Contact Thermocare Heating and Cooling on 416-825-9373. Should you need a new furnace, we also offer furnace installation.

Secure your Heating and Cooling equipment with a Thermocare Protection Plan !

  • A Thermocare Protection Plan will cover the cost of labor and spare parts for the repair .
  • We offer Heating and Cooling Protection and maintenance plans for all AC and Furnaces  less than 20 years old .
  • Annual AC and Furnace maintenance can save you up to 30 % on energy bills .
  • Avoid breakdowns in the middle of Summer or Winter .


Plan Description  Monthly Rate Single Annual Payment  2 Semi Annual Payments
Heating Protection Plan  $14.99 $143.90 $80.95
Cooling Protection Plan $14.99 $143.90 $80.95
Heating and Cooling Protection Plan  $19.99 $191.90 $107.95
Heating Maintenance Plan  $7.99 $76.70 $43.15
Cooling Maintenance Plan  $7.99 $76.70 $43.15
Heating Protection & Maintenance Plan $21.99 $211.10 $118.75
Cooling Protection & Maintenance Plan  $21.99 $211.10 $118.75
Heating and Cooling Protection & Maintenance Plan  $29.99 $287.90



Thermocare also provides Protection Plan coverage for newly installed Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Tank and Tankless Water Heaters for a period of 5-10 years for Parts and Labor. The newly installed equipment must have at least 30 days remaining in the manufacturers original warranty.

Buy peace of mind with Thermocare Protection and Maintenance Plans . Don’t miss out on your chance to SAVE!