The main benefit of central air is to remove heat...

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Air Conditioner

The main benefit of central air is to remove..

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Tank/Tankless Water Heater

Whether you are looking for custom too big....

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Water Softener

Imagine softer skin, shinier hair, smoother...

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Water Filer System

We can offer various types of custom boxes ...

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Thermocare Heating & Cooling Inc. is an established Canadian business specializing in all heating and air conditioning services. We provide complete HVAC services in the Toronto area. We only sell and install the latest and top ranked HVAC systems in the market ! Our team is highly experienced, reliable and licensed technicians who will install and service your equipment with a unique professionalism. At Thermocare, we not only provide exceptional service to our customers but we believe in honesty and reliable service. Our professional technicians and support staff take the time to determine the best solution to each problem, based on your situation as well as your budget ! Your comfort is our first priority ! Call today for a FREE estimate .

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