The main benefit of central air is to remove heat...

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Air Conditioner

The main benefit of central air is to remove..

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Tank/Tankless Water Heater

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Residential & Commercial Services

Thermocare supplies HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services to ensure safe operation of all HVAC equipment. Thermocare uses only qualified technicians and top quality equipment and supplies to ensure the customer gets the most from their HVAC investment. Heating and Air Conditioning, ventilation, water purification systems, fireplaces, gas connections (stoves, BBQ, Dryer & etc.)

We provide installations of : 

  • Furnaces
  • Air Conditioners
  • Air Filtration / Humidification System
  • Heat Pumps
  • Hot Water Tanks / Thankless Water Heaters
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Radiant Floor Heating Systems
  • Water Softeners/Water Filter Systems


Catering to residential and commercial customers, Thermocare will take care of all your heating, air conditioning and ventilation needs, including geothermal installation. From installations of fireplaces, barbecue equipment and refrigerators, to installation and maintenance of large air conditioning systems, we supply all of your heating, air conditioning, ventilation and major appliance needs.


Thermocare also offers our 



Benefits of Thermocare Protection Plan

No Deductible - There are no deductible charges to any repairs covered by the Protection Plans.

Flexible Coverage Options – Home Owner can select Protection or Maintenance Plans or a combo Plan depending upon their requirements.

Transferable – If a Home Owner moves, in-force coverage can be transferred to the new owner/occupant. A $25.00 administration fee applies.

No Waiting Period – Annual coverage on Existing Equipment begins on the date of inspection after the equipment has been deemed eligible for coverage.

TSSA Licenced Technicians – All repairs are performed by our fully trained and licenced technicians.

Easy Renewals: All Plans are eligible for annual renewal, subject to certain conditions.

Available Discounts: Make a single annual payment and avail 20 % discount on the yearly payments. Make 2 semi-annual payments and avail 10 % discount on yearly payments.


Plan Description  Monthly Rate Single Annual Payment  2 Semi Annual Payments
Heating Protection Plan  $14.99 $143.90 $80.95
Cooling Protection Plan $14.99 $143.90 $80.95
Heating and Cooling Protection Plan  $19.99 $191.90 $107.95
Heating Maintenance Plan  $7.99 $76.70 $43.15
Cooling Maintenance Plan  $7.99 $76.70 $43.15
Heating Protection & Maintenance Plan $21.99 $211.10 $118.75
Cooling Protection & Maintenance Plan  $21.99 $211.10 $118.75
Heating and Cooling Protection & Maintenance Plan  $29.99 $287.90 $161.95



Areas We Service

  • Toronto Area
  • Around ETA
  • Markham


Toll Free Customer Service - Customers can call at 1-416-640-1174 (8:00am - 10:00pm) to schedule an appointment. 


Why Us?

Round the clock services
Competitive prices
Ethical business policy

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