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Water filter

Water Filter System

Thermo Care Water Filter protects against a variety of water problems - bad smells, high iron content, acid water, and more. Our high-quality, powerful water filters are the best way to provide safe, filtered water at every tap in your home. Say goodbye to dry skin, spotted glassware and high water heating bills with a Thermo Water Filter .

Water filtration involves removing small particles like sediment, manganese, iron, chlorine and gases like hydrogen sulfide from the water. Water filters use both physical and chemical processes to filter out unwanted contaminants. The physical process involves running water through a media that retains the contaminants while allowing the water to pass. The chemical process uses a reaction called adsorption, in which the atomic charge of the carbon and other media causes the contaminants to abandon their bond with the water and chemically attach to the media.

Thermo Care Water Filters are easy to use and maintain - there are no cartridges to change or clean. Our self-contained units have four different filtering mediums, to produce the highest-quality water.

Benefits of  Thermo Care Water Filtration Systems :

  •     Provides a continuous supply of filtered water for your entire house
  •     Removes dirt, silt, clay and other sediments
  •     Neutralizes acidic water to prevent staining and corrosion
  •     Removes iron to prevent staining
  •     Removes sulphur, which causes a rotten egg smell
  •     Minimizes unpleasant odours, including chlorine

Thermo Care has a variety of water filters available, and will help find the perfect solution for your budget and water treatment needs. Whether you choose a Thermo Care Neutralizing Filter to tackle acid water or a Thermo Care Sulphur-Cleer™ Filter that can remove "rotten-egg" odours, your local Thermo Care Man™ has the perfect solution for you.

Contact your local Thermo Care and start enjoying filtered water today. 416-825-9373 | 416-640-1174